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Sleeping outside is good for your health

23rd April, 2019

Sleeping Outside is Good For Your Health

According to clever folk we call “Scientists”, sleep is one of the three main Pillars of Health. Along with nutrition and exercise, sleep is something that we should be making a top priority. And, similar to diet and exercise, it’s not always about the quantity of sleep we get but also the quality of your sleep.

Health Benefits of Sleeping in the Open Air

Numerous studies over recent years has shown that one astonishing method for increased sleep quality and eliminating sleepless nights is moving from slumbering inside to the fresh air of the outside, in a camping tent or hammock.

Air Quality Sleeping Outside vs Inside

Another argument for sleeping outside is the massive difference in air quality inside and out. The term  “Fresh Air” isn’t a thing for nothing. According to Sleep Scientists, “Your brain uses the majority of the oxygen we breathe in”. It’s not surprising that the better quality we breathe in, the better it works. A night outdoors under the stars in the fresh air, improves our capability to think.

If you have air con in your home or at work, there is a decent chance that the air is stale. Research has shown that airless, stuffy CO2-dense rooms lead to you feeling more lethargic and can slow your metabolism. As we mentioned earlier fresh air aids the improvement of brain and body functions, consequently stale air has the opposite result. A night under the stars is not only tranquil and relaxing, it’s actually good for you.

Stress Relieving Effects of Sleeping under the Stars

If that hasn’t swayed you then according to further clever people, being amongst nature has huge stress-relieving effects. And don’t we all need less every-day stress. A study documented in the journal Environment and Behaviour, showed that just seeing trees is proven to relieve stress. Even just looking at a picture of a tree is proven to lower blood pressure and cortisol.

Whilst the weather is warm, why not grab a sleeping bag and your tent and relive being a child.