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Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid

The new Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid mattress is a perfect way to experience unique Octaspring technology, combined with the conventional feel of pocket springs. The Octaspring Hybrid mattress is a perfect hybrid of modern and traditional - cradling comfort of breathable memory foam Octaspring springs. The Octaspring Hybrid mattress offers even weight distribution and great support offered by a layer of traditional pocket springs - a really great feel with medium firm support - the Octaspring Hybrid truly is the best of both worlds.

Experience the extraordinary ventilation of a unique Octaspring memory foam springs topped with layer of luxurious memory foam ensuring you enjoy deep muscle relaxation and truly rejuvenating sleep. This Octaspring layer rests on top of a 3 zone pocket spring foundation, offering even weight distribution and a truly unique sleeping experience, which cools, comforts and cradles the body for a healthy and restful sleep.

Octaspring technology provides the core for Dormeo\'s Hybrid mattress and the most comfortable sleep surface available. Dormeo\'s revolutionary Octaspring technology out-performs traditional steel springs - cradling your body in complete comfort. Each individual MemoryCoil and EcoSpring dynamically conforms to the contours, weight and movements of your body in every position. In our mattresses, this innovative technology eliminates pressure points without pressing back like traditional innersprings - but always stays cool and allows the memory foam or latex comfort layer to breathe, which means you are more comfortable and sleep better.

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