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Sizes Available  Single (3ft) Double (4ft6) & Kingsize (5ft)

All Sealy\'s mattresses and Divan sets are engineered around a simple premise: that quality of sleep is every bit as important as quantity of sleep.

Their extensive sleep research and studies help us improve products to aid your sleep.

This creates mattresses that are made to help you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

Our bodies are not uniform so why should our mattresses be any different? Carefully developed zonal support in our sleep systems give greater support where it is needed (such as the lumbar region) and are softer in other areas such as the hips, to help support and align the spine and reduce the usual aches and pains you can get from a mattress that lacks the profiling of a Sealy.

At Sealy we have created hypoallergenic beds and mattresses that incorporate Smart Fibres and Adaptive technologies to meet your individual needs.

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