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Mattress Types

Mattresses do tend to be confusing. There are a lot of options to consider - such as the level of firmness, the type of mattress, and the spring count. If you are within travelling distance of one of our stores in North Yorkshire, you are most welcome to come and visit us. We will be more than happy to help you with your decision making, but we do recommend that you get a feel for the different types of mattresses yourself - your body will tell you what the right mattress is for you.

The four main types of mattress are:

Open Coil

Open Coil

Also known as the Bonnell Spring system, this is the most common type of mattress sold in the UK.

The springs are joined together to a main frame, which means they will all move at the same time with movement or pressure.

These are usually found in the low to middle price brackets.

Pocket Sprung

Pocket Sprung

A pocket sprung mattress is made up of hundreds (and depending on the specification, sometimes many thousands) of individual springs which are housed in their own fabric pockets. This system has many advantages compared to an Open Coil mattress.

One benefit of a pocket sprung mattress is that each spring works individually. This not only follows the shape of your body, but partners feel little or no movement when one partner turns over. These types of mattresses are usually found in the middle to higher price brackets.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Originally developed by NASA for the space shuttle programme. These mattresses are designed to perfectly form to the contours of your body by responding to your body's temperature and weight. The foam eventually recovers its original shape when pressure is removed.

Today, you will find mattresses which combine memory foam with a pocket spring system. These are essentially pocket sprung mattresses layered with memory foam on top of the springs.

You will also find memory foam mattresses which are combined with reflex foam - which helps the mattress return to its original shape (instead of the springs). Both systems have good pressure relieving properties.

Memory foam mattresses generally do not need to be turned.

Latex Mattress


Latex is a natural and breathable substance which is derived from the sap of the rubber tree. It has a unique feel and reacts to the weight of your body.

Latex mattresses are considered to be highly durable, and have anti-microbial properteries which can inhibit bacteria and dust mites.

Latex has a natural elasticity - which means that the mattress will quickly recover its shape when the pressure of body weight is removed. Unlike memory foam mattresses, latex is a breathable product, meaning that air can circulate and restict heat build-up.

Pocket Sprung

Special Sizes

We are specialists in custom size mattresses. We cater for caravans, boats, and motorhomes, and horseboxes. We also manufacture European sized mattresses. You will also be surprised by our very low prices. Mattresses that are made-to-order start from only £49.95.

Pocket Sprung

Zip And Link

Our Zip And Link mattresses, which are supplied alongside divan bases, can increase the flexibility of sleeping arrangements.

No Turn Mattresses

Standard mattresses, such as pocket sprung and open coil mattresses, require regular turning to maximise lifespan. This ensures that all springs receive equal amounts of pressure. No Turn mattresses are designed to be rotated only, and not flipped. These can be of great benefit to those who are unable to lift heavy mattresses.

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