A bit about the Brand

Mammoth is for those who choose wellness. They know sleep is the absolute foundation for being well. The company believe that our health and wellbeing should be prized possessions. 




Mammoth was founded by John Tuton, a former medical executive who developed the first Mammoth prototype after suffering a serious rugby injury to his back and ribs in his twenties. Having the good fortune to access some of the world’s leading comfort and sleep technologies used within his speciality of healthcare, John invested all he had to get him on the road to recovery. Fast forward 10 years (and two daughters) later, John and the team at Mammoth are helping improve the sleeping habits, health, wellbeing and lives of thousands of people across the UK.


Originally designed to improve the performance and wellbeing of Olympians and elite athletes, today Mammoth are here to give everyone the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, by waking up on the right side of a modern bed every morning.


Why Medical Grade™ Foam? Mammoth’s own innovation, Medical Grade™ Foam is not memory foam. It superseded memory foam in healthcare more than 10 years ago as it does not retain heat.

Rigorously tested under laboratory conditions at the University of Northumbria (2012), Mammoth’s Medical Grade™ Foam mattresses are scientifically shown to improve sleep. All Mammoth mattresses feature this modern aid, an innovation that tailors comfort and support for every sleeper. Not too hard, not too soft – just right. They respond instantly to the shape and size of every person, relieving pressure on sore muscles while improving circulation.

State-of-the-art PostureCells™ move independently, absorbing motion to ensure ease of movement through the night, helping to avoid unwanted awakenings normally caused by a restless partner.

Through the magic of Medical Grade™ Foam and carefully selected modern fabrics, the Mammoth range is specially designed to keep sleepers cool and comfortable, also ideal for those who can sometimes overheat in the night. Not too hot, not too cold – just right.


When you choose Mammoth you can be confident that you’ve bought a mattress that not only feels great, but also does you good too.

So you can be at your best.


We all know there are lots of factors that affect our health and wellbeing. But all rely on one key foundation – sleep. Sleep looks after our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. To be the best version of ourselves and enjoy more great days,  Mammoth realise they must do everything they can to ensure more good nights.

Many of us are busy professionals, parents and grandparents with stressful lives, or we suffer daily aches and pains in silence. Mammoth’s mattresses do more for both body and mind, helping you wake up rested and revitalised day after day.


Mammoth has always been dedicated to working with the brightest minds and the very best furniture technologies to create products that deliver proven health benefits. In 2015, Mammoth formed an exclusive partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – the UK’s leading representative body for physiotherapists with over 54,000 registered members.

The groundbreaking partnership once again shows that they go further than any other mattress brand to look after the health and wellbeing of their customers.

Mammoth founder and MD, John Tuton, explains why he was so keen to partner with the CSP:

“We put innovation, testing and product development at the forefront of everything we do. Working with expert physiotherapists helps us to continue developing products that meet the highest standards.

For many years our mattresses have been recommended by health professionals who understand the value of pressure relief, postural support, improved circulation and, of course, quality sleep. This partnership reflects the backing given by qualified health practitioners.”

CSP director, Robert Yeldham says:

“Working with Mammoth we’ve pioneered the use of specialist physiotherapists, nominated by the appropriate professional network, to offer advice to manufacturers.

“Mammoth started their discussion with us from the point of principle that their products should be designed to take account of issues such as pressure relief and good posture.”


With technologies developed and proven in healthcare, and comfort that has to be tried to be believed, its little surprise that health practitioners around the UK recommend Mammoth mattresses to their patients, friends, and family every week.

Watch our quick video to see why Mammoth are the go-to mattress for physiotherapist Claire McKendrick.