A bit about the Brand

    All of the Rolled2Go mattresses are packaged rolled-up. This is not only great for transport as it can easily be taken away in your car. But it's also handy if you have a tight staircase or loft room. Lets face it, no one wants to be taking spindles off staircases, or windows out of frames. Convenience is a major decision maker for most people these days. Why make life more difficult?
    Quality is also up their in terms of importance. All Rolled2Go mattresses are made with luxury hypo-allergenic fillings. Which is ideal if you suffer from allergies.  Each mattress is covered with a soft stretch knit cover, giving you a cosy night's sleep. Rolled2Go also believe that a flat sleep surface encourages a more restful night's sleep - ideal for those who feel tufts (buttons).
    Convenient, well designed and affordable - with a minimum 3 Year guarantee.