A bit about the brand

From Silentnight's award-winning sustainability programme to industry leading product testing - they offer a quality promise to you.



the story

From humble beginnings in North Yorkshire, to certified Superbrand – the Silentnight story continues to evolve, with their devotion to quality assurance providing the foundations of their journey – which is why Silentnight are the UK’s most trusted bed brand. All of their upholstered beds and mattresses continue to be handmade right here in the UK and go through our rigorous safety testing process.

The UK's most trusted brand

Silentnight are immensely proud to be the UK's most trusted sleep brand – as chosen by customers across the country who also rated them to be the best in innovation, quality and service too.

70 Years and counting

For over 7 decades Silentnight have led the way in British bed making. Today, they're a recognised ‘Superbrand’ and household name flagged by their iconic Hippo and Duck mascots.

Recognised Superbrand

Silentnight are proud to be a certified Superbrand for the 13th year in a row, recognised for their “passion, product knowledge, exceptional quality and sleep expertise to provide sleep solutions for all the family”.

To be recognised as one of the UK’s strongest brands is a huge achievement, and Silentnight will continue to invest in innovation and producing quality products to make sure they continue to lead the way.

Understanding Sleep

Whether you’re growing or grown, young or old, mum or dad – Silentnight has the perfect bed and mattress for you.

Marketing Leading Quality

The Silentnight Group is made-up of the most trusted sleep brands in the bed industry. By constantly innovating their manufacturing process, researching the science of sleep, striving to improve customer service and developing their quality-testing, they remain at the peak of the market in delivering real quality to all.


"We will aim to deliver outstanding service at every stage of the customer journey."

Customers rated the Silentnight brand to be: “The highest quality sleep brand, the sleep brand that offers the best service and the most innovative sleep brand’ - and this is something Silentnight are incredibly proud of.


"We will strive to be innovative in all areas of our business."

"We respect our heritage, but we’re always looking to the future, so we’re constantly innovating and researching. Our beds feature the latest in sleep technology ensuring there’s comfort to be found for everyone - whatever their age, needs and lifestyle."


For over 70 years we’ve handcrafted all of our mattresses, upholstered bases and headboards from our home in Lancashire.



They test each product for: durability, cleanliness, flammability, hygiene and performance – so you can enjoy a quality product that's made to last and safe to enjoy.


Every product is tested from their SATRA-approved state-of-the-art testing lab. It's the only one of its kind in the UK, ensuring they meet and exceed stringent UK safety standards.


Forced labour is a worldwide issues - including the UK - with an estimated 21million across the globe entrapped in some form of modern slavery.

Silentnight is part of the Modern Slavery Act, which aims to prevent all forms of labour exploitation - while also promoting complete transparency of labour practices - and ensuring slavery or forced labour forms no part of the business supply chain.

Silentnight are also a member of SEDEX - a non-for-profit organisation that allows buyers and suppliers to store, share and view information on labour standards, health & safety and business ethics.


Without their dedicated employees, Silentnight wouldn't be able to deliver the fantastic product, service and experience to customers that they do. With this in mind, it's important that working conditions and rights are paramount to their business.

Silentnight are a proud member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), they ensure that they comply with and promote important worker's rights issues such as: free employment, hygienic and safe working conditions, the living wage and indiscrimination in the workplace.

British Furniture Manufacturers member

Silentnight are proud to be an approved member of the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) Trade Association. The BFM recognises and supports British manufacturing with a code of practice which ensures all members produce quality British-made products using the finest materials.


In a study performed at the University of Central Lancashire, the Silentnight Mirapocket mattresses were found to improve spinal alignment and posture.

Protecting seas, shores and wildlife

Silentnight are excited to announce a new partnership with the UK’s leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). 

As part of the partnership, Silentnight have pledged financial support to the Marine Conservation Society to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution-free and protected, while maintaining the breath-taking beauty of our enriched coastlines. 

As well as financial backing, Silentnight staff will be getting involved with the charity’s wider initiatives, such as beach cleans, to protect our seas and the fascinating creatures that live beneath. 

The Marine Conservation Society continues to do fantastic and crucial work across the UK. Last year alone, 568,000 pieces of litter were removed from our coasts as a result of MCS campaigns.  Find out how you can support the Marine Conservation Society

Proud to be carbon neutral

Silentnight are incredibly proud to have received independent validation of their position as a carbon neutral business.

This wonderful achievement is the result of an unwavering commitment to our environment. Through ethical business practices and sustainable product development, Silentnight have been able to evolve their business in a way that benefits the environment around us.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral? Basically, every gram per kilometre (g/km) of carbon dioxide Silentnight emit is offset by the amount of carbon we save through renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects. This way, Silentnight put back-into the environment what they've taken away.

A zero to landfill business

All waste generated across the Silentnight Barnoldswick site is recycled - with food, foam, paper, card, polythene film and metal waste going to local and national recycling companies.

Silentnight's objective is to divert waste from landfills and reduce the amount of harmful toxins and gases released into the atmosphere.

To help combat this, Silentnight; in conjunction with other partners - introduced the Mattress Disposal Service.

All mattresses are stripped back: metal is melted, foam is crumbled and re-used into kid's play mats and comfort fillings are re-purposed for protective clothing.

And to make sure they're always improving their processes and making a continual positive impact on the environment, their management systems get independently audited annually.

1946 The beginning

In the North Yorkshire town of Skipton, Tom and Joan Clarke created 'Clarke's Mattresses Limited' and so the story began...

1948 Clarke's Mattresses

Tom and Joan officially registered 'Clarke's Mattresses Limited' and the business began to grow.

1949 Growth

The bed company was thriving in producing high quality beds and demand lead to being moved into Barnoldswick.

1951 Introducing Silentnight

Ckarke's Mattresses had a name change and Silentnight began.

1961 The heart of Lancashire

Growing at such a rapid rate the company moved to Lancashire.

1980's The UK's No.1 Bed Brand

Cemented as the number one bed brand and in 1986 they created the 'Miracoil spring system'.